4H and FFA Ranch Chores

The school year is in session and 4H and FFA are in full swing.  Growing up in a rural community provides excellent hands-on experience for our youth to be involved in the outdoors and learn to take on responsibilities and enhance leadership skills.

Bownds Ranches is a proud supporter of our local 4H and FFA students, dedicated to their extracurricular activities.  Brandon, having been a 4H and FFA member and officer in elementary through high school, knows the hard work and effort into raising show animals.

bownds ffa

“Early mornings before school, cold weather, wet weather, doesn’t matter, animals need to be fed and given fresh water,” says Brandon. In some cases the temperatures drop so low, a thick layer of ice needs to be broken on the water trough.  “Their hands and fingers get cold, their noses get runny, but it’s the dedication they put into it that makes it all worth it.”

Students pour the majority of their before school and after time into these projects that stretch over a lengthy period of time during the school year, and let’s not forget to mention the amount of money and making time for homework, sports, and at-home chores.

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After school, they have to spend time with their animal, creating a bond. Once they’ve become familiar with each other, that’s when it’s time to start leading and setting up. After a few months of steady hard work, day in and day out, when it’s time for show, there is even more work involved. Trimming, Clipping, Washing, Drying, all still the while Feeding, Watering, Leading, Setting up the Trailer, Getting all the Supplies needed for show. It’s a chore!

More young people need experiences that are hands-on, youth-led, and transformative. These  experiences help them develop self-reliance and positive social and academic outcomes


We are so very proud of these kiddos and hard work should be rewarded.

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